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ADE Research

Published Papers

Our field data goes directly to the:

  • Queensland Department of Environment and Science

  • South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

  • Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife Commission

From there it disseminates into national organisations such as the:

Field data is also used by the participating scientists from our numerous research partners, and is either published as part of a scientific paper or collated into our own annual field report summary. Some of these are listed below and can be read or downloaded.

Diets of Mammalian Carnivores,

Karl Vernes 2020

The Lost Oasis, Dr Mike Smith 2020

ADE Scientific Report 2019

ADE Scientific Report, David Gibson 2019

ADE Scientific Report 2018

Gnallan-a Gea Report 2015

ADE Paleo Report 2014

A search for the desert rat kangaroo

Karl Vernes 2021

(ADE citation)

ADE Research
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