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Weekend Australian 2007

We are a small organisation but as far as media coverage is concerned, we feature heavily across all broadcast spectrums. Covid has obviously interrupted that momentum, but we have a number of film projects planned for 2023/24 as we resume our surveys.


Our inaugural 2007 expedition - The Arid Rivers Expedition - was front page coverage of the Weekend Australian, with an accompanying major article in the Weekend Magazine. Since then, we have appeared in numerous print, tv, radio and online features.


This reflects the importance of the scientific and anthropological data that we have discovered and documented, and our ongoing contribution in adding to Australia's desert knowledge.

60 Minutes
ABC Radio
Aus Traveller
7.30 Report
Lake Eyre
Aust Geo
Being Podcast
Burke & Wills
Science Show
Great Walks

Interview/article links

Slow Train to Kallakoopah

Nicolas Rothwell's article covering the 2007 Arid Rivers Expedition

Weekend Australian 2007

End of the Megafauna

The extraction of 'Bruce' on the 2014 Paleontolgical Expedition

A New Desert

Robyn Davidson reflects on the 2008 Archaeology Expedition

The Monthly
Aust Geo

Simpson Desert Bursts With Life

Quentin Chester covers the 2008 Ornithological Survey

Camels Best For Desert Travel

Dr Max Tischler and Andrew Harper in conversation with Robin Williams

Science Show
ABC Conversations

Walking Australia's Deserts

ADE Founder & Executive Director in conversation with Richard Fidler

ABC Radio


Walking With Beasts

Just what is it like to walk with camels?

A new era dawns for desert discovery

Being Podcast

Desert Discoveries

A Scientist's conversation

on Spirit -

ADE Chief Scientist

Dr Max Tischler 

He's Been Through The Desert

Andrew Harper talks with Ann Jones on ABC Radio

Off Track

An Oasis Rediscovered

Finding the lost wells of the Simpson Desert

2019 Mikiri Expedition

ABC News
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