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Help us continue to add to Australia's
arid zone desert knowledge

Midden dig
Clsoe look

"Scientific expeditions and surveys mounted by vehicle or helicopter move fast, and miss the context of what they see and find. The knowledge they gather is point by point, and incomplete, while teams who walk on foot, with their equipment borne beside them, can reach deeper into empty, untracked country, and once there can proceed in slow, focused fashion, alert to all it holds."

Nicolas Rothwell,

Slow Train To Kallakoopah


Your support helps us continue to build capacity toward our scientific survey program, and increase our knowledge of the remote Australian deserts.

Donating to Australian Desert Expeditions supports:

  • the collection, analysis, publication and dissemination of field data

  • building graduate employment opportunities

  • the development of an indigenous intern training program

  • further expansion of our current research partnerships within the public and private sectors

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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