Scientific & Ecological Surveys


Even though Australian Desert Expeditions is an environmental research focused entity, we represent a unique combination of science, ecotourism and heritage.


Our surveys give an opportunity for members of the public to learn from ecologists in the field and the various land management authorities in Central Australia have recognised that this gives them a 'window' to their supporters, showing them first hand the diversity of their protected lands.


Not all our surveys are open to the public, as logistical challenges, geographical distances, and cultural sensitivities preclude us from including some surveys for ecotourism.


Joining an ADE Survey is all about participation. Our surveys are not overly strenuous but they can be demanding due to the very nature of the remote country in which we work, and how we travel through that country. Trekkers must actively participate in helping the cameleers and ecologists to run the survey. Our booking office can answer any questions you may have about your suitability for such a trip. Many people choose to be involved with ADE in other ways - by donating to our organisation or becoming a member. This crucial support enables us to plan and initiate our surveys over a long term basis.

'Cob' - Australian colloquialism for mate, friend or travelling companion. Most likely originated from the days of the Cobb & Co horse-drawn coaches which serviced inland Australia in the 19th & 20th Centuries. 'Cobber' was a popular term used by Australian soldiers in WW1.


"I was lucky enough to join ADE on one of their surveys - it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.


Spending time in the desert on foot is such a "grounding" experience and really immerses you in the landscape and the soul of the environment around you. Andrew talks about the desert being "mentally cleansing" - it truly is.

You very quickly work out that all you need is right there in front of you.

The camels are the perfect companion for walking and have such individual personalities

- you could never be lonely when surrounded by them!


Thankyou to Andrew, the crew and all the other trekkers on that incredible journey - something I will never forget." Sharyn Ryan-Hancock


"... a wonderful and unique experience. I am very grateful to have been shown first-hand some of the colour, subtle variation and history of LIFE here by such friendly, relaxed giving people. The desert is anything but deserted. Camels and crew are what make it possible."


“Returning to Australia to see the desert again has been a dream of mine for several years. During this expedition I have been reminded again that friendship, companionship, hard work and hardy laughs are what make a “trip” become a “journey”. It has been a privilege to travel the land with the camels. I will miss the simplicity of loading, walking, ‘daydreaming’, setting up camp and mellowing in the starry desert night." Denise Martin, Canada


“Dear cameleers, what a magical 11 days. I will remember it for a lifetime. When we attended the info night and so many people said they had already gone on a trip and wanted to go again, I assumed they were all camel nuts – who would do this twice in a short life? But at the end of our trip I find myself agreeing and would love to join again. Thanks to the crew for taking such good care of us.”


“To Ingrid, Greg, Shaun and Liam. Thanks for the patience, teaching and leadership. What a trip of contrasts – dry river beds, coolibahs, Eyre Creek green meadows and flowing cold water! Many, many dunes but all so interchangeable with the vegetation and rippling sand. Thanks Andrew for the 19 well-trained & hard working camels who enable us to truly enjoy the Australian desert as a 'lived' experience and not just a drive thru exercise.”



















"A wonderful way to really experience the many aspects of the Simpson - atmosphere, sounds, tracks, silence, land systems, colours & clouds. Only possible due to the superb organisation, forethought and generous sharing of experience by Andrew and team." P Price


"...this trip has done more to put me in touch with the great land. The support provided by the crew and the camels was exceptional and the opportunity to learn a little about a working camel string was the experience of a lifetime. Thanks one and all for a wonderful month."

Dave Hall, ACT


“Chocolate for breakfast is definitely a winner.” Anon, 2009

























“I can think of no better way to be introduced to this wonderful land than to be guided by a delightful crew. Steve made us all feel so welcome and capable, no matter how incapable I may have been. John - what a gentleman, always right there when something was needed. Josef, full of knowledge and enthusiasm for everything and Sue quietly organising in the background and offering words of advice. And what can one say about the camels - beguiling, funny, stubborn, diligent, charming and entertaining! Our thanks for the experience." Anne & Will Stanfield, QLD


“An excellent trek that brings everyone back to the basics of life that one loses sight of in today's busy world. Thankyou Andrew and crew and to my fellow travellers.” Tony Hocking, VIC


“What will always remain in our minds are the dawns, the dusks and lying in our swags at night under the stars, a faint tinkle of camel bells in the distant air. A magical trip - the people the birds, the camels, the land.” Sylvia & Peter Tulloch, NSW


















“As a second time cob I can only say that this was another wonderful experience. The ever changing scenery, wildlife, food and company were great. The crew was marvellous. Thanks to Andrew, Sallwa, Mel, Shaun & Josef for your patience and friendliness. The cobs formed a great team and we certainly had some fun. Thanks for the memories!” Glenys Mann, VIC


“Thanks for a really great trip to walk the dunes & plains, feel the fresh air blow on your face, to see the wild camels, emus, lizards & birds. The company was excellent, cooking delicious & scenery superb. So much more than I had expected. So many memories that I will have for a lifetime.” Lyn Smith & Ray Briggs, QLD


“Andrew, I hope your patience, tolerance and interest let you continue to expose people like me to these walking desert experiences, (which are so different rather than driving through). I am grateful for the knowledge of both the desert and the camels you shared with us. The experience is one that one ‘feels’ rather than can describe. Thankyou also for selecting such wonderful crew - their warmth, humour and patience can only be commended. Many thanks." Wendy Christian NSW


“A special trip of a lifetime that exceeded my expectations - I felt welcome from the first hello - a wonderful capable crew with endless patience. The camels, no words can really describe them - except when you look into their eyes you can see a real personality in there ‘summing you up’ and even perhaps having a laugh at the funny things we humans do. Thankyou for your kindness, patience, wisdom and gentle humour - I feel blessed to have made this trip with you all." Lynn Stewart, NSW


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