All of our 2017 surveys form part of Project 138, which is a study of the Simpson Desert flora and fauna roughly focused along the 138th meridian (Northern Territory/Queensland border).






















What type of research do we conduct?


This all depends on which part of the desert your survey is operating in, as different ecosystems within the Simpson Desert present their own particular focus studies and interests. Firstly, every survey we conduct (in any desert) is automatically an ornithological survey.

From there we explore and document all of the desert life that we encounter as the geography dictates, including the following:













• Mammals & Marsupials

• Botany

• Aboriginal occupation including mikiri (native wells)

• Palaeontology

• Reptiles

• Myrmecology

• Entomology

• Soil carbon analysis

• European explorer heritage

Members of the public may join some of these surveys as volunteers and assist the ecology team with their field-work.

Each of those surveys has the following common characteristics where you will be;















These are participation based surveys. The ecology team and cameleers will appreciate your help!

Walking through the landscape, assisted by packcamels

Assisting ecologists and scientists with the in-field research

Helping the cameleers to load & unload the camels

Are you a keen birdo? Read about our 2009 ornithological survey!


Throughout 2017 we will partner with numerous universities and national research institutions, in addition to ecologists from state and private land management organisations.


We operate two types of surveys that you are able to join as a volunteer - Survey Treks and Survey Expeditions.


What is the difference between the two?

Basically, duration (excluding vehicle/flight transfers). All our Survey Treks and Survey Expeditions are graded in level of difficulty and you can read more about this here.


Each year we also operate a number of Signature Scientific Expeditions which are not open to the public.


August 28 - September 8

June 18 - June 27

June 12 - June 19

June 26 - June 30

June 6 - June 13






Central Simpson Desert Expedition

2017 SIGNATURE SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITIONS (not open to the general public)


The Central Australia Transect and Project 138 is supported by The Nature Conservancy who are committed to conserving Australia’s natural landscapes and crucial wildlife habitats.

July 15 - August 9

July 1 - July 8

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

July 7 - July 16

August 9 - August 14

August 21 - August 28



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Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

September 7 - September 15

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

August 14 - August 21

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only

Fully Booked - Waitlist Only



Australian Desert Expeditions is an Australian registered charity with tax-deductable status.

A donation to the Australian Desert Expeditions Public Fund goes directly to the scientific & ecological research of Australia's Deserts.



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