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For a young organisation, we have made a solid impact. Australian Desert Expeditions has featured in numerous TV programmes, radio interviews and print articles. Our Managing Director Andrew Harper also presents annual lectures at national institutions such as the National Museum of Australia, the Royal Society in Melbourne, and the Royal Geographical Society-South Australia. In October/November 2015 he gave a series of lectures at venues in the United Kingdom and the United States.




























































     ABC News - Desert Oasis Rediscovered. Coverage of our documentation of a newly discovered mikiri.


     ABC Radio - Overnights. Interview with Andrew Harper about the Simpson Desert mikiri.













    ABC Radio National - Off Track. November 3. Walking With Purpose. Interview with ADE founder Andrew Harper.





    RM Williams OUTBACK Magazine - ADE Founder Andrew Harper talks about camel-based desert research and the importance of stillness.




    ABC TV - December 12. "Running Wild - Australia's Camels" - Documentary about the history of Australia's camels, featuring ADE surveys.


    ABC Radio - Conversations with Richard Fidler - March 7. ADE Founder Andrew Harper talks about desert research, walking & stillness.




    ABC Radio Rural - January 26. ADE Founder Andrew Harper awarded an OAM.

    Australian Geographic - March/April edition. The Great White Lakes Survey Expedition 2014.

    ABC Radio National - Off Track. March 28. Walking With Purpose. Interview with ADE founder Andrew Harper.

    The Saturday Paper - October 3. Account of the Munga-Thirri Expedition with the Australian Museum.




    ABC Radio Western Australia - January 24. Working with our camels in the film TRACKS.

    TRACKS pre-release screenings in Melbourne and Sydney - February/March.

    ABC Radio 891 Adelaide - July 23. Simpson Desert Palaeontology Expedition.

    ABC Radio - Australia All Over - September 14. TC retires.




    ABC Radio National, Bush Telegraph - March 20. Feral cats in the Simpson Desert.




    Deniliquin Pastoral Times - June 12. Transformations Lecture.

    ABC Local Radio Mildura-Swan Hill - January 20. 'Senseless Camel Shootings'.

    Sydney Morning Herald - January 17. 'Police probe stupid camel shootings'.

    Lake Eyre - A Journey Through The Heart of The Continent. Paul Lockyer. Australian Desert Expeditions ecological surveys.




    Great Walks Magazine - October/November 2011. Walking the Simpson Desert.

    ABC TV 7.30 Report - March 7. The blooming desert.





    ABC Landline - August 29. Ecological fieldwork in the Simpson Desert.

    ABC 7.30 Report - August 18. Impact of the floods in the Simpson Desert.

    60 Minutes - August 29. Burke & Wills 150th Anniversary.

    ABC Stateline Queensland - August 13. Ecological fieldwork in the Simpson Desert.

    Burke & Wills 150th Anniversary - speech at the commemorative celebrations in Melbourne.



    ABC Radio National, Science Show - July 17.

    ABC Radio National, Hindsight - November 21.

    ABC Radio National, Bush Telegraph - December 7.



    The Weekend Australian - June 19.

    WILD, Walking With Beasts by Quentin Chester, January 2010 issue of WILD Magazine.




    The Tourism Australia/Weekend Australian Calendar to promote the Baz Luhrmann Australia movie.

    The October-December 2009 issue of Australian Geographic has article by writer Quentin Chester about our Ornithological Trek




    ADE Foundation Supporter Robyn Davidson's article about trekking in the Simpson Desert with ADE, 2008.

    The Weekend Australian Review - Living Ark. Article about the Simpson Desert Archaeological Expedition.



    The Weekend Australian Magazine - Nicolas Rothwell's Article from the 2007 Arid Rivers Expedition, August 2007.


The Great White Lakes Survey Expedition - featuring in the March/April 2015 edition of Australian Geographic.

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