One of the world's great wilderness journeys


27 Days

June 6 - July 2 2018

1 day 4WD / 24 days trekking / 1 days 4WD / 1 day flights



Alice Springs



Includes flights to Adelaide (via Olympic Dam and William Creek) over Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, Warburton River and the salt lake system of the southern Simpson Desert

Central Simpson Desert Expedition





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This expedition will be our longest (in time & distance) survey in 2018 and this is the first time that we will document part of the great dune field in the Northern Territory.


In addition, as a camel expedition alone, the Central Simpson Desert Expedition is arguably one of the world's great desert journeys. There are very few other places on the planet where you can walk across such a vast desert wilderness for three weeks knowing that you will not run into anyone else! No vehicles, no tracks or roads to follow - just pure desert.


Combined with the field work of our ecology team, this expedition justifiably deserves to be called one of the world's great wilderness journeys.

It is rated as demanding, so if you are considering joining the team be prepared to train hard for what will be an enriching experience.


Alongside our team of four cameleers, we will have up to four ecologists who will be documenting life in the great dune field. This area was extensively burnt by bushfires in 2011/12 and the once extensive spinifex has been severely impacted by the fires, to the point where it is now a 'new' landscape. It will be fascinating to see how the spinifex is rejuvenating and what this means for the mammal and reptile population.


As we head southeast, nearly every day of this journey involves crossing dunes, so you must be fully fit and prepared for living outside 24 hours/day for just over 3 weeks. With a combination of working with the ecologists and trekking with the camels, journeys such as this indeed can be a life changing experience.


As with all our surveys, the camels we use are from the Outback Camel Company who have been crossing the desert on month-long expeditions since 1976. They are widely recognised as the experts when it comes to crossing the world's largest parallel sand-ridge desert.


General survey corridor

General survey corridor


Note: The survey corridors above are intended to be a guide only


See here for a guide.



We will issue you with a comprehensive Expedition Information Guide that details everything you need to know about what to bring and what to expect on your trip. This will be sent to you both as a PDF document and printed hard copy.



Yes, travel insurance is compulsory.



- Charter flight from Poeppel Corner to Olympic Dam

- Scheduled domestic service from Olympic Dam to Adelaide

- All specialist safety equipment & communications

- Swags & tents

- Trek kit bag for your personal gear

- Desert silence!



- Your flights to Alice Springs and any other transport in Alice Springs prior to the expedition

- Your flights from Adelaide and any other transport in Adelaide after the expedition

- Accommodation and meals in Alice Springs and Adelaide

- Personal trekking equipment you may wish to use such as walking poles etc

- Eating and drinking utensils

- Waterbottle

- Sleeping bag, sheets & pillowcase. (You need to bring these items and they will be put into our swag)

- Day pack



You must notify us upon booking if you have any known medical and/or food allergies.



The camel team will be in the western desert fringe, southeast of Alice Springs. You will drive to the camel camp via 4WD which will take 1.5 days. The return transfer will be via charter flight from Poeppel Corner to Olympic Dam then scheduled domestic service to Adelaide. The first flight will pass over the southern Simpson Desert including the extensive salt lake system, the Kallakoopah Creek, the Warburton River, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, and part of the Tirari Desert.



Information about what to bring etc is contained in the EXPEDITION INFORMATION GUIDE which is issued upon booking



Australian Desert Expeditions is an Australian registered charity with tax-deductable status.

A donation to the Australian Desert Expeditions Public Fund goes directly to the scientific & ecological research of Australia's Deserts.



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